Agenda of the World Economic Conference


The global market and economy is full of uncertainties, and is currently reeling under the effect of the Corona Virus (Covid 19). This alarming situation has compelled nations to question their capabilities and have aroused the need to push their limits to secure a better position in the International Market.

The World Economic Conference's 2021 main agenda is to improve the state of the world by analyzing the international landscape and identifying challenges, and opportunities. The theme of the World Economic Conference is to have a healthy discussion regarding changes that can implemented in the near future to make the world a better place to live in.

We request all our participants to share their views on this topic and send us a one page written material stating their opinions and suggestions with respect to How to make the World Better. You can choose to write about various global issues concerning all us right now, including Covid19, Corruption, Global Warming, and Poverty, among others. We will publish your suggestions and views along with your photo on the official website of World Economic Conference.